Goya Classes

2017, Royal College of Art, London, UK


Goya Classes, installation view

Goya Classes was a collaboration with the performer Caterina Gobbi. It took place in my studio, where I worked for about 4 months on the walls, with pencil, markers and oil painting. Caterina was wearing a bathing suit and blue wig. She declaimed a selection of letters that Goya wrote to Martin Zapater. Letters about love, painting and money. Touching the sensitive strings that support the relationship between an artist and patron.


September, 1790
… -Do not make fun, you shitty long nose… I’m going to see the preparation of the canvas for your portrait. I shall not live until I execute it.-

Goya Classes detail, marker on wall


Goya Classes detail, installation view


Goya Classes detail, pencil on wall