Raw Reality

liquid ceramic, silicone, flexible aluminium tube, 30x30x25 cm, 2019
Will technology save us?, oil on linen, 170×120 cm, 2022
Escaping with brio. oil on linen, 52×40 cm, 2022
How do you know that you actually exist?, oil on linen, 52×40 cm, 2022
Loading, oil on linen, 52×40 cm, 2022
GIVEANDGET, silicone and rubber tube, 2019
Onourskin 02, oil on linen and wooden case parts, 115x125cm, 2021
Onourskin 02, details
screenshot of a loading image from recent past, oil on linen and case in fabric and cardboard, 120x 110 cm, 2020
Onourskin, oil on linen, 240×110 cm, 2020
onourskin, details
installation view SWAB, 2019
books gonna read you, oil on linen, 120x 110 cm, 2019
GIVEANDGET 02, silicone, liquid ceramic and aluminium tube, 30x30x30 cm, 2019
Books gonna read you II, oil on linen, 130x89cm, 2019
Raw Reality installation view, SWAB, 2019
LLC/secondo, oil on linen, 130×89 cm, 2019,
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019, Leeds Art Gallery, Courtesy New Contemporaries. Photography by Jules Lister