My everyday rituals

My everyday rituals (quartetto), oil on linen, 52x40cm, 2021

 -…We have a technology that allows the soul to inhabit mobile phone – *

The daily digital path of our fingers on our screen looks like an ancient ritual on a precious conglomerate of minerals, which we can no longer do without; If an extra-terrestrial from a distant future could see our daily and visceral relationship with our devices he would perceive our religious attachment to this set of minerals, a ritual devotion made up of infinite contacts with it, like prayers between one action and another of our everyday life.

What’s on today? Let me check, 

– Yes, I’m coming – 

First my story on Instagram, 

– Yes, only 5 minutes –

How many views? 78?

– I’m going to make coffee –

And on Facebook, how many views? 105! What a fruitful night! 

– Just 5 minutes and I get out of the bed –

(My morning routine as soon as I wake up, shouting meanwhile to my partner)

In my recent practice, I’m trying to capture all the small movements that our fingers perform on the screens of our devices while chasing duties and pleasures; they remind me of rituals of old Sicilian ladies -the Majara- to which my mother also subjected me few times in the hope of remove my fears or a sunstroke; the lady used to mark paths with her fingers on my belly or on my head, rattling off prayers in a low voice with her eyes closed; today we are all a little bit –the Majara- of ourselves, connected to our magic stone and capable of perceiving, sensing, codifying, communicating, predicting, diagnosing, loving, winning, dreaming the world.

* Emanuele Coccia on a talk,

My everyday rituals (quartetto)

My everyday rituals (quartetto)

Peeking at my followers, oil on linen, 170×120 cm, 2021
My everyday rituals 2/3, oil on linen, 52×40 cm, 2021
My everyday rituals 4, oil on linen, 52×40 cm, 2021
Meta-Verso Verso la Meta, oil on linen, 170×120 cm, 2022
My everyday rituals, oil on linen, 170×120 cm, 2021
My everyday rituals, oil on linen, 52×40 cm, 2021
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